What we do

We don’t walk on by.

Back in 2013, Lea Beven our founder had to use the food bank. Maternity pay had ended, her new job started in 9 weeks. After two extremely humiliating trips to the food bank Lea realized there was a whole world out there she’d been ignoring. Volunteering at the food bank wasnt enough, and the journey began.

#challangepaola buy as much as you can for £1 

Washable nappies, recycling fabrics, creating a cloth bank for sharing, Lea and volunteers helped over 200 families to get complete kits that would reduce bills and support the environment.

Washing nappies to send out

From Cloth Bank to Pay It Forward, the ideas just kept coming – and the passion and drive to make them happen.

No5 Coffee House, leading the way in Pay It Forward.