FREE Property For Charity – Search Here

It’s what we do – help other charities get free space just like us.

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We are on our 3rd FREE property in just 18 months, so have not paid rent in all that time. All the rent money we have saved, has helped us to supply more aid for our projects.

Search above for  free property for charity or a free pop up shop, some free charity storage, a free office for charity, or retail space if you are grassroots / charity or a CIC not for profit project. We help introduce charitable organizations to property that is free to lease, and liability for possibly only *20% of the rates (*subject to application. Some landlords cover this. Many councils will zero rate charities if their project fits in with the town plan).

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More than anyone, we know how hard it is to achieve paying rent on a shop when we were setting up, and in the end we had to walk away. We started off in a house, then were offered a warehouse for a year for free, luckily zero rated because we are a CIC doing charity work. We really wanted to try a pop up shop, but couldnt find one. We moved from the warehouse into a shop we rented, then when we couldn’t afford the shop, we moved into 6 garages (down to 2 garages now). We then went on the hunt ourselves for a local office / donation point and ended up with a great storage space, and another free office a couple of doors down. We’re now mobile and can work from anywhere.

What we like to do now is to help charities find free space, storage, office or pop up shops. This works for both parties, rate relief for the landlord while they are awaiting re-development, and a free space for charities.

We love our free charity space – we just pay the utility bills, and no rent. Please, if you are needing space, do register with us above.