Food Share Volunteer Induction


Before we can start, there are lots of rules round food and we are governed by the law, and have to follow certain practices as per environmental health. We also need you so sign to say you have read or watched all of the training material provided here at the bottom of the page.

1 – Best before and use by dates.

Who better than to read the information about this than from the page – so click on this link and have a read please.    Best Before & Use By Dates . It’s imperative that you flawlessly know the difference.

Once you have covered the dates, you should be aware that as a charity we can NOT accept any food that is past its use by date, but we can accept food that is past it’s best before date. As we present the food at our events, there will be quality control before the doors open to the public.

2 – Allergens

By the fourth week, you will need to have have read and done the allergen training and done the test that is available FREE online here , you will then need to sign this online form so that we have a record that you have done it. I completed the allergen training.

Allergens are all around us and we WILL be handling them. We have volunteers who have allergies and so you need to be aware of your team members so that you don’t pop a french stick into the hands of anyone with celiac.


3 – Lifting and handling

You will likely be lifting and handling crates, buckets and boxes of food / flowers / plants. You will be required to follow best practices and be seen to be setting an example to other volunteers also. A bad lift can injure you, but also potentially injure others if they are on the lift with you, or if they copy you.  Please watch this short video. Lifting & Handling

4 – Safeguarding policy. 

We do have a full safeguarding policy. Please be aware that CHILDREN of all ages volunteer with this project, and they are a very important part of the team, some will be more involved than others, but all children that are at the event will be treated as equal volunteers and their views and requests are important. It is rare for organisations to allow children to volunteer,  and we want this project to be inclusive.

There is no legal age limit for volunteering, it suits all ages. We are fully insured for children who are accompanied by their carer. 

5 – Ongoing Training

Within 4 weeks of volunteering you will be required to participate in an online food handling course. We can fundraise for you do do this, or you can fund it yourself. The details are below.

Level 2 Food Safety


The great news is that YOU as a volunteer are absolutely allowed to have a reasonable amount of donated food / flowers / plants. The aim of this project is to REDUCE WASTE that goes to incineration – and we welcome you to consume safely!

Please read the risk assessments that have been done, that are relevant to the place you are in and the people you are around.  They are in a POLICY FOLDER along with all of our other information.

You are now ready to go – we welcome you aboard! Lets get you on the rota!


If you pick up food, you will need to complete this form, and select where each tray is destined for. This is law. We have to be able to trace every tray, where it came from and where it will go.


There is an additional form for you to complete as a driver. You are required to wear a high viz when collecting food (if you do not have one in your car safety box, please ask).

When collecting food in the evening you will be offered food that will expire with the USE BY date THAT DAY … our project will not be able to take that food however … you can for your own personal use and you can freeze it the same day. PLEASE do not take that food, expiring on the same day, for other people, or bring it to the donation point, we can not risk their health. This applies to USE BY dates only.

Unless you have had refrigerated training please do not collect food that needs refrigeration – except if it is for yourself. 

Coop give guidelines on what is available to us. Charity Guidance Food Safety   and Coop Food Share Partner Toolkit 

Please complete the Registration Form and then read on …