Commercial Rates Discount Calculator

This is a great tool to see the commercial business rates reduce.  Slide the green dot to how much your current business rates payable are on your empty premises to see what savings you could make if we place a suitable project into your property.

The calculation above includes fee of 18% of the savings made ongoing throughout the period of occupation. This fee supports a not for profit organisation that supports ethical project.

With lots of pressure on corporate social responsibility,  you can rest assured that whilst one of our friendly charities occupies your commercial property, not only are you mitigating your commercial business rates,  but your helping your local community and a charity that may have not been able to function, can now flourish.

When I drive around the UK looking for empty commercial and industrial units, it breaks my heart to see long term empty space that could potentially help thousands of people as well as the landlord.  Keep our not for profit project in mind if you ever find yourself with an empty commercial space and let us turn it into a community space.