Commercial Property Rates Mitigation & Charitable Work

After a successful introduction in December 2017 for the Charity Care UK to occupy a large property in Northwich, saving the landlord over 80k a year, we are continuing to make introductions of ethical charities, CIC’s and companies that are environmentally friendly and zero waste shops to landlords that have commercial property that they need rate mitigation on.

We are very open about how we operate, the ethical business/charity gets the property for a peppercorn rent, and the landlord pay a fee based on a percentage of the saving they make on the rates. Everyone is happy and we are able to fund humanitarian projects that we support!

EXPLOSIVE NEWS In 2018 Memphys UK had an explosion in their shop losing everything. We acted fast and with James’ help, we were able to get them into High Cross for 6 weeks as an emergency pop up! 

Before moving back into property (she’s been in property since 1997) Lea and her team sent over 180 tonnes of aid out locally and internationally, fund raised for 22 vehicles, 161 caravans for homeless people, pallets full of food and essentials.

When giving a present just isn’t enough … give humanity.

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In particular we provide aid, property, skills and support to charities, projects and communities to reduce waste in the environment and provide basic needs.

Basic needs can include, but not exclusive to housing, food, water, clothing, sanitation, education, supportive online and offline communities to promote well being.

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