We are currently working front line with organizations within the Ukraine and have sent out 428 pallets of food/aid (30/04/22 more weekly) & have sent out over £8000 in monetary donations in 2 months, raised online and in our Food Share Project store. These donations have been used to evacuate over 900 vulnerable people, and support blind families trapped near Freedom Square, Kharkiv so they could buy food and medicine, as card payments are no longer an option for this city. We transferred the money instantly so that they can get access immediately, and already food is  with some of the families. Here is an interview with our recipient, who himself is also blind, recorded on the 1st March 2022.

Monetary donations can be made via Santander Bank, Connect Aid C.I.C. 

Sort Code 09-01-28 Acc  92088008 or Paypal donate@connectaid.org.uk

BIC: ABBYGB2LXXX        IBAN: GB36ABBY09012892088008

We have also been very active in preventing huge piles of surplus aid from turning up at the borders as there is nowhere for them to go, and is causing problems. It is normal for people to want to help, and the emotional response is to do what you can, fast, so that you can feel like you have done something. However the practical response is to send money so that the local aid workers can buy the exact aid that is needed.



ARE YOU IN FOOD CRISIS IN SHROPSHIRE – BOOK HERE  to access the food share project. Sorry we can not deliver.

Zero Waste Food Share Pop Up

We run a regular food share pop up van where we collect food waste nationwide, then give it out in our community to save it from incineration or going to animal feed.

Commercial Property Rates Mitigation & Charitable Work

Charity donation station & community spaces, mitigating rates for a commercial landlord

We’ve a combined team experience of over 48 years in property investment and development and focus on mitigating commercial business rates and creating community spaces.

We’re totally all about the community spaces. After a successful introduction in December 2017 for the Charity Care UK to occupy a large property in Northwich, saving the landlord over 80k a year, we are continuing to make introductions of ethical charities, CIC’s and companies that are environmentally friendly and zero waste shops to landlords that have commercial property that they need rate mitigation on. Business rates are a huge financial burden on commercial landlords and charities need community spaces.

Nora Carlin taking possession of a vacant supermarket, mitigating the rates for the landlord.

We are very open about how we operate, the ethical business/charity gets the property for a peppercorn rent, and the landlord pay a fee based on a percentage of the saving they make on the rates. Everyone is happy, the community get space and we are able to fund humanitarian projects that we support!

6 week rate mitigation after fire and explosion closes a charity shop

EXPLOSIVE NEWS In 2018 Memphys UK had an explosion in their shop losing everything. We acted fast and with James’ help, we were able to get them into High Cross for 6 weeks as an emergency pop up! 

Between 2015 and 2018 Lea and her team sent over 180 tonnes of aid out locally and internationally, fund raised for 22 vehicles, 161 caravans for homeless people, pallets full of food and essentials. A zero waste vegan, ethics are important to her.

December 2018 Gareth Edwards from Farplace Animal Rescue was successfully placed in Beaumont Shopping Centre (retail park) by James. James worked tirelessly to find a perfect location, and negotiate with the landlord. We’re so pleased that he joined us in May 2019 in our quest to save the planet and promote world peace. Follow Farplace here: www.facebook.com/farplaceshopleicester/

James came to us with extensive experience in negotiating deals with fabulous landlords across the UK, and has facilitated situations for Action For Children … Worksop & Northwich. The Action for Children shop has recently announced a closure from its pop up shop in Worksop, after reaching their fundraising target of 45k!